004) Misunderstanding Divine Love.

Many people think that God’s love depends on what we believe and how we behave. This leads to a needless struggle toward a more moral lifestyle. But when we understand what Divine love really is, we become free to relax and just be ourselves – knowing that whatever changes, our lives will come by what Love facilitates in us and not by our religious […]


003) A Sense of Separation.

The greatest roadblock that keeps us from experiencing Divine Love is the sense of separation. Many of us believe that God is out there while we are here. But what if I told you that there has never been a moment when the Creator has been distant from us? *Update: Previous to 8:23am PST, Sept 19 episode 002 played. It has been corrected. *Listen […]


002) Spirituality is a Journey.

I consider myself a recovering legalistic. That’s because I grew up in a religious system that served a god that I no longer believe in. I no longer believe that god is angry, judgemental, and rigid. What I have found to be the truth about God from what I grew up believing is as different as if I completely changed religions. In this episode […]


Faith is a Person.

Many people see faith as a sort of currency we spend with God to get what we want or need from Him. The more of it you have, the bigger things you can buy. Many have blamed themselves for not having enough faith when things didn’t turn out the way they had prayed and hoped they would. In one church, I was told that […]


Christ Died For ALL.

What happened at the cross? The obvious thing that most people mention first is that Jesus put away the sins humanity had committed against God. But if that were all Jesus had done, we would still have a big problem. Sins were the symptom of a deeper problem—man’s utter confusion about God’s identity and about his own. That darkened understanding came from Adam. It […]


Pure Love

If I handed you a glass of water and told you it was pure, you would assume nothing else was in the glass but pure water. If the glass contained anything other than water, even in small traces, I wouldn’t be honest calling it pure water. Is God pure love or not? Of course He is. If anything that contradicts love were present in […]


Can God Look at Sin?

The idea that God the Father can’t look upon sin is simply wrong. It leads to an insulting conclusion about Jesus, who is God the Son. He lived in this world in the very midst of sin. He not only looked upon it but even rushed toward people trapped in sin! He saw sin as a fatal disease that needed to be cured, not a […]