A couple of years ago

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A couple of years ago, two 24-year-olds—a man and woman—broke into an oil drilling company about an hour away from Dallas, Texas. Four containers filled with oil and water were on the property. About three in the morning, this young duo decided to take a cigarette break and thought one of the containers would be a good seat. You can imagine what happened next.

When the firefighters arrived, they extinguished the two burning burglars and threw a foam blanket over the other containers to keep the fire from spreading. They rushed the pair to the hospital, and their lives were saved. All this happened without so much as an apology or even a request for help from the foolish thieves.

Do you think our God would respond to mankind’s dilemma any less heroically than these firefighters responded to the two burglars? The firefighters didn’t even know the people they rescued, but God loves each of us. How much greater would His motivation to rescue us from disaster be? We were doomed in Adam, and our fate would have been eternal death for sure. Was God angry with us about that? No. To the contrary, He had already determined to remedy that situation and had always had a plan in place.

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