Does God Keep Score?

Perhaps the greatest ruin that came to mankind in the fall is man’s distorted, perverted perception of God. Since that day, the religions of the world have built gods from the materials of their own shamed minds. Not knowing the truth of the God of Grace, they have created gods who are demanding in their expectations and quick to punish when those expectations are […]

Your God is looking forward to your coming.

“He is looking forward to my coming.” Have you ever thought of it in those terms? Most people think about how happy we will be to see our God face to face, but have you considered how anxious He is to see you? Christians are called the bride of Christ in the New Testament. One day He will come again and we will be united […]

Why solitude is actually important.

Solitude is often avoided at all costs in contemporary culture, despite its biblical and historical precedent as an integral part of communion with God. The Bible records occasions when Jesus, Himself, withdrew into a solitary place. (See Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42) If Jesus thought it necessary to withdraw from the demands on his time and ministry, how much more important must it be to […]

Why doesn’t God rescue us from pain?

Jesus once said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). What is the truth about how God’s love for us is related to the personal pain we will experience in our lives? There are several strands in the cord of divine truth concerning suffering which offer a lifeline of hope for ongoing intimacy with God in the […]

The Biggest Reason We Don’t Feel Close to God

I was hungry to experience deep intimacy with Jesus Christ, but had become distracted by my busy lifestyle. I had allowed the mechanics of “living a Christian life” to suffocate the exhilarating awareness of the indwelling presence of Christ. The enemy had used his classic weapon against me – causing me to focus more on “the Christian life” than on Christ Himself. I sincerely […]

3 Ways to Pray Without Words.

The question must be answered, “Do you really want to experience intimacy with God through prayer or is it simply a wish, a nice thought in theory? I have tried to make clear in various teachings that it isn’t by your own self-discipline that intimacy through prayer grows. However, grace doesn’t mean that we are inactive in matters of spiritual progress either. To the […]