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Why solitude is actually important.

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Solitude is often avoided at all costs in contemporary culture, despite its biblical and historical precedent as an integral part of communion with God.

The Bible records occasions when Jesus, Himself, withdrew into a solitary place. (See Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42)

If Jesus thought it necessary to withdraw from the demands on his time and ministry, how much more important must it be to us?

Jesus said to His disciples, “Rest.” Do you hear that word resonating somewhere deep inside you?

For many, it is easier to be busy with activity than to patiently wait on the Lord in solitude.

It is a lesson some of us learn and relearn all of our lives. It is a lesson I am just beginning to learn.

If there are to be times of conscious intimacy with Him, there must be times of silence and solitude. God will not shout over the clamor of our cluttered lives.

Do you really want to explore the depths of intimacy with God? Do you hear an inner voice calling you to a simpler, quieter place?

The Divine Lover is calling you to your own secret place, shared by you two alone.

The fire of God’s love burns brightly in the stillness.

It is in that stillness that the distractions and cares of the world fade away like outside noises are muted when we make love to our beloved.

It is in that stillness that we are able to give our thoughts, our feelings, and our will completely to Him in uninhibited abandon.

It is in that stillness that we are able to meditate — to muse on the Person and loving words of the One whose passion burns for us until we are irreparably and eternally ignited by the Flame.

It is in that stillness that we gasp with delight along with the Psalmist,

“My heart was hot within me; while I was musing, the fire burned” (Psalm 39:3, emphasis added).


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